Republican staffers face insults on dating apps: report

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Young Republican staffers and lobbyists in Washington, D.C., are faced with backlash on the dating scene, according to a new analysis from Fox News.

Right-wingers living in D.C. say they often are insulted and met with hostility on dating apps. 

Only four percent of votes in the capital went to President Trump in 2016.

Republicans said they’ve been harassed, flipped off and told they are responsible for the “death” of American democracy, Fox News reported.


Politico reported last month that many young members of the GOP have been driven off dating apps after negative responses.

A 31-year-old female administration official told Politico in June that she is often met with criticism on dating apps.

“You do the small talk thing, and you have a very good conversation, and then they might say, ‘You didn’t vote for Trump, right?’” she said. “As soon as I say, ‘Of course I did,’ it just devolves into all-caps ‘HOW COULD YOU BE SUCH A RACIST AND A BIGOT?’ And ‘You’re going to take away your own birth control.’”

A female Trump staffer told Fox News she was berated for posing with the American flag.

“Guys say, ‘Are you one of those Trumpies?’ It’s ridiculous,” the staffer said. “How did posing with the American flag turn me into a country-hating loser?”

A senior staffer on Capitol Hill said she was harassed on so many dating sites that she ends up dating other conservatives through mutual friends.

“It’s disheartening,” she told Fox News. “Basically, we now all date one another. It’s safer that way. I have a group of friends who are all pretty conservative and we end up dating in the same circle. I didn’t think coming to the heart of the nation’s capital would be like this, but it’s a reality these days.”

Capitol Hill staffer Daniel Jativa said a girl he was dating had a negative reaction when he accepted a job with a Republican congressman who works with the House Freedom Caucus.

“I always considered myself a more moderate Republican so some of the things we did talk about, I generally agreed with – things like frustration over partisanship, gridlock, how the discourse against certain groups of people have become unfortunately darker,” Jativa said.

Many Trump supporters say they have stayed mum about their political views while on dates.

“I try to steer the conversation away from politics as much as humanly possible,” conservative lobbyist Janine Olsen told Fox News. “It doesn’t help in the long run but it gets me out of a lengthy lecture about how I am ruining the country. I’m not lying. I’m just not offering up my political positions on the first date anymore.”

Relationship expert Christine Bacon said the hostility “saddens” her.

Bacon said “opposites attract but not in terms of politics because it’s typically based on personality – introverts versus extroverts type of thing.”

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