Man sues McDonald's, Coca-Cola over alleged spiking of drink with heroin replacement
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A man is suing McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, alleging that a McDonald’s employee spiked his drink with a heroin substitute.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that Trevor Walker claims he went to a McDonald’s in a suburb of Salt Lake City in 2016, and had seated his three children down with their meals from the restaurant when he took a sip from his Diet Coke.

Walker alleges in the lawsuit that he lost sensation in his arms and legs and his vision became distorted, according to the AP. He sent two texts to his wife, saying that he is “having sensations in my arms and everything is moving slowly” before he blacked out and collapsed, according to the outlet.


The man was taken to the emergency room and survived, and is now suing the companies after talks about a settlement with McDonald’s fell through, Walker told the AP.

“It was kind like of like getting punched in the face without knowing it’s on the way,” Walker told the outlet. “I was with my kids, that was the part that made it especially scary.”

McDonald’s spokesman Khim Aday told the AP that the company doesn’t comment on pending litigation.

Coca-Cola spokesman Ben Sheidler told the outlet in a statement that “the safety and integrity of our products are our top priority. We’re working with our customer on this matter to understand the facts.”

Walker is asking for unspecified damages in the case, which was filed in Utah state court on Monday.

“I would like there to be some justice for what has taken place. I don’t want to see somebody else go through what we’ve gone through,” he told the AP. “It could have been my son. If one of my sons had drank my drink, the outcome could have been worse.”

Walker’s lawsuit states that the state crime lab was able to determine that the substance in his Diet Coke was buprenorphine, a heroin replacement that is generally in the form of a dissolvable film.

Police were unable to obtain surveillance footage of the restaurant drive-thru on the night of the incident, and McDonald’s employees denied any wrongdoing in the case. No arrests were made in the incident, the AP reported.

A pregnant woman in Canada alleged that she was served cleaning fluid after ordering a latte from a McDonald's on Sunday.

The manager of the McDonald's said in a statement obtained by The Hill that he apologized to the woman. He said that the machine was being cleaned at the time of the woman's order, and that "the milk supply line was connected to the cleaning solution while this guest’s drink was made."