WWE wrestler wins mayor's race in Tennessee
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A former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) world champion won the mayoral race in Knox County, Tenn., on Thursday night.

Glenn Jacobs, known as “Kane” to pro-wrestling fans worldwide, secured the victory against Democratic nominee Linda Haney by a 2-to-1 margin, Knox News reported.

Jacobs told the publication he was initially met with "pretty astounding laughter" from many within the political circles when he made the decision to run for office.


"If anything, what that did was that made me want it even more — and not for me," he told the local outlet. "Because what they were saying was, 'He's one of them. He's one of you.' "

Jacobs, who launched his bid for office in March 2017, won the Republican primary by just 17 votes in May. He was heavily favored to win the general election in the reliably red county.

He was widely known in the pro-wrestling community and a multi-time world champion in the WWE. 

According to his website, he ran on a platform based on the policies of former President Reagan, with a focus on low taxes, education and job growth for the county.

On Thursday, he told Hill.TV's "Rising" that he considered himself a political outsider, which is something he thought voters were looking for in a candidate.