NYPD: Man attacked for being white
© Fox News 5

Police in New York City are reportedly searching for a man who allegedly punched another after making derogatory comments about his race on a public bus.

Police say that the suspect, a black man, punched in the face a 29-year-old man, who is white, according to New York’s Fox 5 affiliate.


The incident happened aboard a B25 bus in downtown Brooklyn on the morning of June 30. 

“I hate everyone like you, a white bitch h---,” the suspect reportedly said to the victim, as reported by NBC New York. The report also says there was an anti-gay component to the remark. 

Police are investigating the assault as a hate crime and are still searching for the suspect, who reportedly fled the area after the attack. He was caught on video leaving the scene.

The attack follows a string of other racially-motivated incidents in public spaces, many of which were caught on video and publicized on social media. New York City saw a "sustained spike" in hate crimes across 2017, according to some experts.