Charlie Kirk fundraises off antifa-ambushed breakfast
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Charlie Kirk, the president and founder of right-wing college student organization Turning Point USA, is fundraising off of his recent breakfast encounter with protesters over the weekend.

"[Turning Point Communications Director] Candace Owens and I were enjoying a quiet breakfast in Philadelphia when we were protested and attacked by ANTIFA," Kirk wrote in a Tuesday fundraising email. 


"They screamed at us, called us white supremacists, threatened our lives, threw eggs and other objects at us, and even poured water all over me," Kirk wrote.

Kirk linked to several videos of the protest posted by Owens. 

In the videos, Owens and Kirk stand behind several police officers as members of antifa chant slogans such as "F--- white supremacy!" and "1, 2, 3, f--- the bourgeoise!" Kirk smiles and chats with a police officer while the activists surround the Philadelphia restaurant.

There are no physical altercations captured in the video, but Kirk included a photo of protestors pouring water on him.

"Candace and I would like to personally thank the all black and Hispanic Philadelphia police force that kept us safe from these ANTIFA thugs as they followed us around town screaming 'f*** the racist police'," Kirk wrote. 

"We will not let the left win," he continued. "Thank you for your support of our movement."