Florida Republican House candidate captured on video replacing rival's fliers with his own
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A GOP state House candidate in Florida was caught on video stealing his rival's campaign fliers and replacing them with his own campaign materials, escalating an already tense match-up between the two Republicans.

Raymond Blacklidge filed a police report on Tuesday accusing his rival, Jeremy Bailie, of taking his campaign fliers from dozens of homes in St. Pete Beach, the Tampa Bay Times reported Thursday. The pair are running for the House District 69 seat.

The tussle was publicized on social media after Blacklidge's wife, Lisa Buchianico Blacklidge, posted the video to her Facebook page.

"Here’s your competition for State Representative in District 69 STEALING RAY’S DOOR FLYERS & REPLACING IT WITH HIS!!! The camera doesn’t lie folks! You’ll see him take Ray’s flyer off stick it in his pocket!" she wrote in the post.


"Is this who you want representing our district?! A corrupt politician?! I would be so embarrassed if I would’ve endorsed him for office! Shame on you Jeremy! Your true colors finally caught up to you! Maybe this is the only way he can get people to vote for him."

Blacklidge, 58, who works as an insurance executive, told the Times that he is disheartened by his 27-year-old rival’s efforts to thwart his campaign.

"It’s just a shame that my opponent is doing things that are childish and immature," said Blacklidge told the paper. "I truly think that Jeremy is an intelligent guy that would make a good politician someday. He needs to mature a little bit before he becomes a state representative.”

Blacklidge told the paper that his campaign workers watched Bailie take and replace his fliers "multiple times."

Bailie told the paper that he apologized to Blacklidge for his actions.

"First of all, I want to apologize to my opponent and to everyone else,’’ Bailie said. "I called Ray to apologize.

"We were out knocking doors for hours. It’s been a long campaign and I made a mistake. I’m sorry and I apologize to Ray and I promise it won’t happen again,” he said.

Blacklidge and Bailie will face off in the Aug. 28 GOP primary. The winner will go up against Democratic candidate Jennifer Webb in the midterms.