North Carolina ferry employees suspended for flying 'Trump 2020' flag on state-owned ship: report
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A captain and one crew member in North Carolina’s ferry system have reportedly been suspended for flying a pro-Trump flag on a state-operated ship.

The two employees from the MV Frisco ferry were suspended for one week, according to The Associated Press.


Officials launched an investigation last month after a passenger posted photos of the “Trump 2020” flag flying alongside the U.S. and North Carolina flags to social media.


“Is this appropriate? I don’t think so!” the passenger wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Tim Hass, a spokesperson for the state transportation department's ferry division, said that it is inappropriate for a state-owned vessel to display campaign material.

“No matter the political viewpoint, any sort of campaign material on a state ferry is in violation of policy,” he told the Virginian Pilot when the investigation was launched.

Hass said that the flag was only up for one trip, according to the AP.