One of two Nashville abortion clinics closes: report
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The Women’s Center, one of two abortion clinics in Nashville, closed Saturday.

Calls to the clinic go straight to a recorded message that says it is no longer taking patients, according to The Tennessean.

The center’s closure means that Nashville’s Planned Parenthood is currently the only abortion clinic in the city. The Tennessean reported that women seeking abortions are being referred to a clinic four hours away in Bristol.


The center plans to reopen in a new location, but has not found a building yet.

The Women’s Center's attorney, Thomas Jesse, said last week that the owners were in the midst of negotiating the building’s sale and that the center might close temporarily as a result.

Jesse told the paper the center doesn't know how long locating a new building will take. 

An anti-abortion rights group praised the closure of the clinic. Tennessee Right to Life told the Tennessean that the organization would be vigilant in "to keep another abortion chain from stepping in to reap profit from the killing of innocent unborn children."

There are five clinics providing abortion in Tennessee, according to the newspaper.