An aquarium in New Jersey says it has fired an employee who kicked out a group of black schoolchildren from a gift shop in a now-viral video.

Jenkinson's Aquarium media director Toby Wolf told the Asbury Park Press that the video, which appears to show a group of young black girls being removed from a store, "does not reflect the core values of the boardwalk." 


"We are committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving our culture of diversity and inclusion. Jenkinson’s will also be conducting a diversity training program for its employees in the very near future to avoid this type of occurrence in the future," Wolf told the Press in a statement.

"In our 90-year history, Jenkinson’s has always been and will continue to be the place where people from all races, religions, ages, genders and cultures are welcome," he added.

The video, which was shared more than 70,000 times on Facebook, shows a white female employee, who was not identified by the aquarium, telling the group of students that they are "not welcome here" upon their return with a chaperone. The girls reportedly were kicked out for not having a chaperone, despite a 32-year-old woman accompanying them in the store. 

New Jersey resident Attiyya Barrett, who posted the original video, says she was glad to see the aquarium's management take steps to ensure that the problem does not occur again.

"I'm so excited to go to camp tomorrow and tell them their mission was accomplished, that this woman has learned you can't deal with children or people of color in this way," she told the newspaper.

The video is the latest in a series of viral videos showing apparent discrimination against African-Americans that have gone viral in recent months. 

A white woman in Oakland, Calif., was dubbed “Barbecue Becky” by social media users earlier this year after she called the police on a black family who were setting up a charcoal grill in a public park.

Weeks later, a similar incident involving a black girl selling water in San Francisco also went viral, prompting social media users to create the nickname "Permit Patty" for the white woman who called police.