Two ‘Trump baby’ blimps arrive in New Jersey town


Two “Trump baby” blimps have arrived in Bedminster, N.J., the city where Trump’s National Golf Club resides, as activists reportedly look to use them to protest against the president. reported on Wednesday that the two blimps are part of a total of six that local activists, Didier Jiminez-Castro and Jim Girvan, plan to bring to the New Jersey town.

The activists had started a GoFundMe page , intending to purchase a “Trump baby” blimp, similar to the one used during protests in the United Kingdom when the president made his first official visit earlier this year.

The campaign had aimed to raise $4,500, but raised a total of $23,748 and allowing the organizers to put in an order for six balloons, which show Trump wearing diapers, reported.

“We’re having a baby!” the site’s crowdfunding campaign read. “The first 2 of 6 Baby Trump balloons have arrived!” 

Jiminez-Castro and Girvan told that the goal behind the blimps is to taunt Trump during his visits to his Bedminister golf course. Girvan said they plan to get one of the blimps off the ground at least once before the midterm elections. 

But doing that may be a hurdle. notes that the U.S. Secret Service and Federal Aviation Administration have certain rules regarding what can enter the FAA’s Temporary Flight Restriction area that is intended to protect a president. 

But officials have said that because blimps technically float, they shouldn’t cause any issues — provided certain regulations are followed, according to

Girvan also told that he’s also looking to transfer the blimps to different regions in the country. 

“We want to make sure the balloons get put into good hands,” he said. “If we can locate an organization that’s willing and able to have multiple events on a regional level, we’re certainly going to consider that.” 

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