Texas man who had 'dim view of women' accused of shooting two female drivers
© Harris County Sheriff's Office

A Houston-area man who reportedly had a "very dim view of women" was charged this week with his second charge this year of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with two instances where women were shot while driving.

Nicholas Dagostino, 29, was charged on Thursday, one day after he was released from jail on bond for similar charges in connection with a July shooting, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Authorities said Dagostino is known for social media rants demeaning women. Investigators said he “held a very dim view of women,” considered female drivers to be “incompetent” and said women's only purpose “is to give birth to male children,” according to The Washington Post


Dagostino's most recent charges are related to an incident that occurred on March 7, when Dagostino allegedly shot a driver as she left a gas station.

He was also charged in a July 10 shooting, which he told investigators was out of self-defense. Dagostino said a female driver swerved into his lane twice, the Houston Chronicle reports.

When he was in jail a first time, Dagostino reportedly confessed to the July shooting and five other similar shootings, according to ABC’s Houston affiliate.

He is now being held on two bonds totaling $400,000.

Dagostino’s defense attorney apologized to the outlet on Dagostino's behalf.

“The family is just as sorry as they can be. They're wonderful people and they're very, very sorry for any problems or pain this has caused anyone,” he said.