Uber removes driver who called rider a racial slur
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Uber fired a driver from the ride-sharing app this weekend after a Las Vegas woman claimed he used a racial slur to describe her.

Taniesha Travis told CBS 8, a local news station in the city, that an Uber driver called her the "n" word on the app's messaging platform after she had requested a ride from the service at a grocery store. 


"Great, another n---er from Smith's buying groceries for her six kids," a screenshot of the message the driver sent to Travis reads. "F--k off." 

Travis said that she doesn't have a picture on the app and that the driver was "basically just profiling by the name." 

The local CBS affiliate reported that Travis reported the incident to Uber and was communicating with the company's customer support team. By Sunday night, the company confirmed the incident had occurred and announced that the driver was no longer working for the service. 

"This is beyond offensive and has no place in society. The driver has been removed from the app," Andrew Hasbun, a senior communications associate at Uber, told CBS 8. 

Uber reportedly added that it has a zero tolerance policy in regards to discrimination.

But this was not the first time they have dealt with issues like this.

In late August, the company fired a driver in Florida after he allegedly racially harassed a black rider.