'Cosby Show' star after being photographed working at grocery store: 'Every job is worthwhile'
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A former actor on “The Cosby Show” said he hopes the  “job shaming” he experienced after being photographed bagging groceries leads to a reevaluation of “the dignity of work.”

The Daily Mail originally shared photographs of actor Geoffrey Owens working as a cashier at a New Jersey Trader Joe's. Fox News later picked up the story. 


Owens told “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts on Tuesday that he felt like he was being “job shamed” and was “really devastated” at first.

But the devastation passed when he got an outpouring of support from all over the world, Owens said on ABC. 

“My being the 'Cosby' guy who got shamed for working at Trader Joe's, that’s going to pass,” Owens said. “But what I hope doesn’t pass is this re-thinking about what it means to work, the honor of the working person and the dignity of work.”

Owens told Roberts that he hopes there is a “reevaluation” around the working class following his experience.

“A reevaluation of what it means to work and a reevaluation of the ideas that some jobs are better than others, because that is actually not true," Owens said. 

“There is no job that’s better than another job,” he continued. “It might pay better, it might have better benefits, it might look better on a resume and one paper. But actually, it’s not better. Every job is worthwhile and valuable.”

Owens played Sondra Huxtable’s husband, Elvin, on five seasons of the hit sitcom “The Cosby Show” from 1985 to 1992.

He still acts and directs, but after more than three decades in the industry, he picked up the job at Trader Joe’s to help his family.

He even wore his red name tag from the grocery store chain during Tuesday’s “Good Morning America” appearance.

Owens said he was very grateful for all the support he received from the acting community and beyond.

Dayna Steele, a U.S. House candidate in Texas’s 35th District, took to Twitter on Saturday to offer a new headline for Fox News’s story.

“‘Geoffrey Owens still acts occasionally, works at Trader Joe’s, and ministers to others in need, setting a good example for people everywhere. What a great guy,’” Steele wrote.

“That’s what @FoxNews should have said,” she added.

Chris Rankin, who played Percy Weasley in the “Harry Potter” movies, said he worked in the restaurant industry after starring in the blockbuster franchise.

“I worked in a Wetherspoons kitchen after being in Harry Potter,” Rankin tweeted on Saturday. “I needed a job, no shame in that. And you know what? I really enjoyed it! You do what you need to do and that's nothing to be ashamed of.”