Astros fan says he was removed after displaying domestic violence hotline during game
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A Houston Astros fan protesting his team's handling of domestic violence allegations against a player says stadium security removed him after he displayed a sign displaying a domestic abuse hotline number during a game.

Kevin Jukkola told ABC News affiliate KTRK that he was removed from the Astros' stadium, Minute Maid Park, Saturday night after he displayed a small handheld sign reading: "Houston Domestic Violence Hotline 713.528.2121," a phone number connected to the Houston Area Women’s Center.


Jukkola added that he has brought the sign to several games since the Astros acquired pitcher Roberto Osuna from the Toronto Blue Jays this summer, but that he had faced no issue displaying it before.

Osuna is facing domestic abuse charges in Canada and has pleaded not guilty. Still, he accepted a 75-game suspension from Major League Baseball under the league's policies.

“Nothing ever happened until Saturday night," Jukkola told KTRK. "I want them to allow me to peacefully protest and not to be removed from the ballpark."

An usher told Jukkola that the team reserves the right to remove any fans displaying signs that are not explicitly baseball-related. But Jukkola says he was singled out.

"Lots of signs aren't baseball related," he told ABC.

A rules page on the team's website says "The Astros welcome banners that support teams and their players, so long as they are in good taste."

"The Houston Astros Baseball Club does not permit signs, posters or banners which are obscene, slanderous or in bad taste. Management reserves the right to remove any sign deemed inappropriate," the rules page continues.

The Astros had not released a statement on the incident as of Tuesday, but told KTRK that the team was aware of it and is investigating.