Carlsberg to replace plastic rings with glue beer packaging to reduce plastic waste

Danish brewer Carlsberg announced on Thursday that it will begin gluing together beers in its packaging in order to reduce plastic waste. 

"We’re constantly in pursuit of new ways to make probably the best beer in the world even better," Carlsberg said in a release on its website. "And not just the way it tastes. To reduce waste, we’re introducing our new snap pack, which uses a revolutionary glue technology."


The method of gluing the beers together in six-packs will replace the plastic rings that normally hold the cans together. The company said it "tried out about 40,000 different variations of glue" before making a decision, according to Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg reported that Carlsberg made the decision with the goal of saving 1,200 tons of plastic, or the equivalent of 60 million plastic bag, annually. 

“This is an interesting development and will help cut down the amount of plastic on our beaches and in our seas," Sue Kinsey, senior pollution policy officer with the Marine Conservation Society, told The Guardian. "These kinds of can yokes are regularly found in small numbers on our beach cleans."

The Guardian reported that the new packaging will appear in some Tesco branches in the United Kingdom starting this month. 

The move from Carlsberg comes as many companies around the world make moves to ditch plastic products. Starbucks announced in July that it would stop using single-use plastic straws at all of its stores by 2020.