High school principal rips opposing team's fans over ‘racist,’ pro-Trump signs at football game
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The principal of a predominantly Hispanic high school accused fans from a majority-white school of racially targeting Latino football players during a game last week.

Santa Ana High School Principal Jeff Bishop said in a Facebook post on Saturday that fans from Aliso Niguel High School held signs that featured messages such as "Build The Wall," a reference to President TrumpDonald TrumpMore than two-thirds of Americans approve of Biden's coronavirus response: poll Sarah Huckabee Sanders to run for governor Mexico's president tests positive for COVID-19 MORE's oft-used promise in his 2016 presidential campaign.


Santa Ana High School has a predominantly Hispanic student body, while the majority of Aliso Niguel's students are white, according to The Orange County Register.

"It would have been easy to blame the racist welcome the 'Saints' received as they walked into the stadium and read the posters referencing — Trump, 'We love White,' 'Build the Wall' and various other politically and racially-charged statements," Bishop wrote on Facebook.  

Bishop told the Register that he did not see the complete wording of the signs at the game, but he said he saw something about Trump.

"That alone made me think, ‘What is this, a football game or a political rally?’” he said. 

Deni Christensen, principal at Aliso Niguel, told the newspaper that she had multiple politically charged signs removed from the event.

“They were two political signs. One said ‘Bring back Obama’ and one said ‘We’re going to Trump you,'" she said, adding that a "Trump 2020" sign was also removed.

Christensen told the newspaper that she did not see a "Build The Wall" poster.

In addition to the posters, Bishop said he was angered by Aliso Niguel's chants of "USA" after it scored touchdowns. Bishop added that he told Christensen at halftime that if the chants continued, the team would walk of the field.

“I told her ‘You’re playing Americans. You’re playing ‘Dreamers,’ ” Bishop said. " ‘I don’t understand the USA pride thing when you score. And if I hear it one more time, I am walking off the field with the team.’ ”