ABC News meteorologist responds to critics by telling them to focus on Hurricane Florence
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The chief meteorologist for ABC News fired back at critics on Twitter who said she was jeopardizing her safety and those of her colleagues by reporting live from the deck of a building as Hurricane Florence made landfall.

Ginger Zee wrote in a tweet that her critics should "focus on the people" affected by the storm who need their help, rather than worrying about news reporters.


"Lots of attacks this morning. I know I’m a mother. I love my family. I also love my job. I always put safety first. I’m in safe spot:no one could have anticipated boards popping up on a deck. Let’s focus on the people who are in danger and need our information and prayers. WATCH" she wrote.

Zee's comments came after several Twitter users questioned why she remained on the scene as rain and heavy winds could be seen blowing around her. Some questioned whether Zee's producers would sleep soundly if she were injured during her reporting.

Media critics have long debated whether broadcast journalists should report live from the scene amid natural disasters, with some arguing that the visual of a storm's strength does not warrant putting reporters in danger.

"I know Dan Rather pioneered this televised hurricane insanity but tv reporters shouldn't linger outside simply to show power of storms," tweeted NPR media critic David Folkenflik shortly before the landfall of Hurricane Maria last year.

Hurricane Florence, a Category 1 storm, made landfall Friday morning near Wilmington, N.C., and is expected to cause heavy flooding and damage in the region.