SpaceX signs up first private moon traveler
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SpaceX announced signing up the first private moon traveler on Friday.

The identity of the passenger is set to be announced on a webcast on the company's website on Monday.


This new mission, different from the one discussed by owner Elon Musk last year, would have one person fly around the moon in SpaceX's BFR launch vehicle.

If the project is successful, it would mark the first time someone has been to the moon since the last Apollo mission in 1972. 

The company announced last year that two private individuals had already paid a deposit to take them on a private flight around the moon in 2018, according to The revised flight plan is unlikely to take place this year as the BFR rocket has not yet been built, The Associated Press reported.

SpaceX, a private commercial company, contracts with NASA to produce spaceflight equipment. SpaceX equipment will be used sometime next year for the first manned missions to space launched from American soil since the agency’s space shuttle program ended in 2011.