Coast Guard removes hurricane response worker who flashed 'offensive' sign on TV
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The U.S. Coast Guard announced Friday night that a Coast Guard member had been removed from the Hurricane Florence response after he was seen making an "offensive" sign on television.

The Coast Guard tweeted that it had "identified the member and removed him from the response" after a clip of him was shared on Twitter, adding, "His actions do not reflect those of the United States Coast Guard."

The statement came after a hurricane response worker was seen in the background of a televised Coast Guard briefing on Friday evening flashing what some viewers saw as a white power sign. 

The Anti-Defamation League explains that the "OK" hand symbol campaign that started on the internet forum 4chan in 2017 is a hoax, part of a larger attempt to make normal actions become falsely tied to white supremacy.

The issue was also raised last week when Twitter users accused a former clerk to Judge Brett Kavanaugh of making the hand sign intentionally during his Supreme Court nomination hearings, claims that were quickly debunked.