Viral video shows Washington state police officer kick boy in the back
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A Washington state police department is conducting an investigation into an officer’s use of force while breaking up a fight on Sunday night that prompted public outrage.

ABC News reported on Wednesday that the Yakima Police Department opened a probe earlier this week when a viral video on Facebook showed a boy being pepper sprayed and kicked in the back by an officer.

In the video, which had since garnered 288,000 views as of early Wednesday, the officer can be seen kicking the boy while other officers on the scene shouted "get on the ground.”


Gary Jones, the department's interim police chief, said in a statement obtained by ABC News that the “Yakima Police Department has been made aware of a video posting that involves a Yakima Police officer using force while effecting an arrest last night.”

“Maintaining public trust is one of our highest priorities, and in doing so, investigators will be collecting all available evidence as it pertains to a use of force review,” Jones said. 

“Anyone with information concerning this event is encouraged to contact the department and share what information they may have,” he added. 

The incident occurred during the Central Washington State Fair in Yakima, which is roughly 150 miles east of Seattle.

The police department has not yet released the identity of the officer in question or the boy who was being arrested.

However, a person who witnessed the incident told ABC News the boy was a high school student in Wapato, Wash.

The woman who captured footage of the incident, Jasmin Hernandez Cervera, said police responded to a brawl involving 15 “young” boys. Cervera  said the chaotic scene looked like "any high school fight."

“They were young,” Cervera said, who added that there were no weapons involved in the fight, just “kids swinging at each other.” 

An attorney representing the boy, Bill Pickett, told the Yakima Herald the officer’s conduct “abusive and unacceptable” and that his “family wants justice.”

“They need to know that they are heard, and they need to know that this type of conduct is wrong and they need to know that this is going to stop,” he added.