Texas police confiscate yard sign depicting GOP elephant with trunk up a girl’s skirt
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A woman in Hamilton, Texas, is speaking out after local police removed a yard sign she made in protest of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court after multiple sexual misconduct allegations were brought against him.

Marion Stanford told The Washington Post in an interview released on Saturday that police confiscated a sign she made depicting an elephant, the Republican mascot, with its trunk up a girl’s skirt.

“It is pornography, and you can’t display it,” Stanford recalled a police officer telling her on Tuesday. Stanford said she was told to either remove the sign, allow police to confiscate it or refuse and be arrested. 


City officials denied to the Post that the officer threatened arrest.

Stanford said she made the sign last week after watching drama in the Senate surrounding Kavanaugh’s testimony and that of Christine Blasey Ford, a college professor who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault while they were in high school.

Next to the red, white and blue elephant and the blond girl who Stanford depicted as being assaulted, she also wrote “YOUR VOTE MATTERS” in pink. She told the Post “the message is if you recognize this, if you understand this pain, if you are part of this movement, your vote matters,” referring to the "Me Too" movement.

Stanford said she had received a complaint from a woman over the sign before police showed up. 

Pete Kampfer, Hamilton’s city manager, told the Dallas Morning News he felt the drawing depicted child abuse, saying: “It’s a political sign, and a citizen here placed a yard sign that featured a political animal taking an inappropriate position with a young child.” 

But Stanford said she “knew what the symbolism was” and what her “motivations were.” 

“I stand with those women. I stand with the women who want change, who have a voice and are making their voice heard,” Stanford said. “And the whole community is not going to stop me.”