Kanye embraces Trump: 'I love you'
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Kanye West embraced President Donald Trump and told him he loved him at a public meeting in the Oval Office Thursday.


The rapper, producer, and fashion designer was meeting the president to discuss manufacturing, urban revitalization, curbing violent crime in Chicago and criminal-justice reform according to the White House.

Kanye, wearing the "Make America Great Again" hat that drew him ire on Saturday Night Live last month, delivered a 10-minute monologue touching on several issues. At one point, he walked across the table to Trump saying "I love this guy right here. Let me give this guy a hug."

Kanye has preached an ideology built around universal love recently, also noting in the rant that "I love Hillary. I love everyone, right?" But he said the MAGA hat made him feel like Superman.

Kanye extended that notion to even say "I like the North Korea" during his appearance. 

This is not the first time Kanye has publicly met with the president, joining him at Trump Tower shortly after the 2016 election.