Missouri State student reportedly raped hours after she attended #MeToo rally
© Green County Jail

Police say a Missouri State University student was raped by another student just hours after she attended a #MeToo rally to support survivors of sexual harassment and assault, NBC News reported Friday.

Local officials said the 22-year-old woman, whose identity has not yet been released, met her alleged assailant, Zachary Alperin, also 22, after attending the rally last Saturday.

The two reportedly went for drinks at different bars in the area before going back to her dorm room. 


The woman said she told Alperin he could spend the night in her dorm room but added that he wasn't allowed to touch her. Later that night, the woman said she woke up to a naked Alperin performing sexual acts on her and immediately pushed him away. 

Alperin was arrested on Wednesday and charged with second-degree rape and sodomy. 

According to the Springfield News-Leader, Alperin told police: “I guess I tried to force myself on her, and I feel like such a terrible person for it.” 

Organizers of the #MeToo rally in Springfield, Mo., said they were “devastated” by the news in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

“The thought that someone would leave our rally feeling so encouraged, just to be raped a few hours later... it is almost too much,” the organizers wrote.

“If the woman who attended our rally that the article is referring to sees this, please know this: we are so proud of you for your bravery in coming forward,” they continued. “We are so sorry. We believe you. This was not your fault in any way. We are here for you.”

Alperin is reportedly being held on a $20,000 bond at the Green County Jail. He reportedly faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.