Michael Cohen has spent at least 50 hours meeting with investigators: report
Cohen pleaded guilty in August to violating campaign finance laws in connection with payments to women who said they had affairs with Trump and said in court that he did so under Trump's direction. He is scheduled for sentencing in December.
Cohen does not have a formal cooperation agreement but has willingly given his time to investigators.
Vanity Fair reported that he is providing information to investigators regarding Trump’s ties to Russia, both in his business dealings and during the presidential campaign.
Last month, Cohen registered as a Democrat again after becoming a Republican in 2017 while working for the party’s national committee as the deputy finance chief. 
Over the weekend, Cohen tweeted that the midterm elections “might be the most important vote of our lifetime” while encouraging people to get out and vote.
Cohen, once a close ally of Trump, said last year he would “take a bullet” for his boss.
But their relationship turned sour after Cohen was indicted and had his office raided by authorities earlier this year. Cohen released a secret recording of himself and Trump discussing hush-money payments, and Cohen said in court that Trump directed him to break the law.
Trump responded by publicly attacking his former lawyer, accusing Cohen of lying and saying that witnesses “flipping” to cooperate with prosecutors “almost ought to be illegal.”