Florida mayor solicited sex from constituent in exchange for speed bumps: report
© Courtesy of town of Lantana

The mayor of Lantana, Fla., has been accused of soliciting sex from a local resident in exchange for speed bumps, NBC News reported Wednesday.

The state's ethics commission reportedly unearthed probable cause to find that David Stewart "misused his position to attempt to obtain a sexual benefit for himself."

The mayor solicited sex from the constituent "based on an understanding his vote, official action, or judgment would be influenced," the commission said in a release, according to NBC News.


Kerrie Stillman, a spokeswoman for the commission, told The Palm Beach Post that the mayor has the option of either settling the case or have a hearing to determine if he violated state statutes. 

Stillman also noted that if Stewart, who has been mayor since 2000, chooses to go with the hearing and is determined to have violated state statutes, he could be suspended from his position or removed from office.

Stewart has reportedly denied the allegations, according to documents seen by the local paper. 

“I don’t think that this was her idea,” Stewart reportedly told a commission investigator, referring to the woman accusing him.

Catherine Padilla, his accuser, told the Post the “mayor should be ashamed for what he did” and that she thinks it's time he step down.

“He needs to be accountable for his actions and he needs to do the right thing and step down,” she told the paper, while adding: “If there’s anybody else that has had this happen to them out there, please come forward now because it’s not too late.”

In the complaints Padilla filed with the commission earlier this year, Padilla claims that the mayor told her three years ago that he would see to it that the speed bumps she wanted in her neighborhood were installed if she had sex with him.

Padilla said the mayor took her to a motel after having lunch one day and told her he wanted to “occupy” a room with her at the time.

Padilla later told the Post that the mayor told her he wanted to have sex with her in the room and that she declined.

According to the local newspaper, the town eventually installed speed bumps in Padilla’s neighborhood, but the mayor threatened to have them removed if she did not submit to his sexual advances.

Stewart’s office declined a request for comment from The Hill.