Cop allegedly told Latino boys 'welcome to the white man's world' after beating them
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A Massachusetts police officer told a group of Latino teenagers "welcome to the white man's world" after beating them and kicking them in the face, according to a federal indictment obtained by The Washington Post

Springfield officer Gregg Bigda allegedly subjected the boys, one of whom was 15 at the time, to abusive interrogation and violence after they were jailed on suspicion of car theft, according to videos of the incident recorded on surveillance cameras.

The indictment describes his conduct as "so abusive it shocks the conscience," the Post reported.


Bigda and and fellow officer Steven Vigneault were arrested on Wednesday, accused of using excessive force against the teenagers during their arrest and detention.

The boys were accused of stealing Vigneault's car in 2016. 

In the lawsuit, they claim they were bitten by dogs and kicked in the face by the officers once they were tracked down.

Surveillance footage shows Bigda threatening to kill and beat two of the boys once they were jailed.

“I’m not hampered by the ... truth because I don’t give a f---!” Bigda reportedly told one of them. “People like you belong in jail ... I’ll stick a ... kilo of coke in your pocket and put you away for ... 15 years.”

The Justice Department began investigating the police department after footage of the incident was released, according to the Post.

“Don’t even ... speak to me if you’re going to lie to me, because I’ll f---ing kill you in the parking lot,” Bigda told the teenagers.

Bigda has been accused of misconduct 24 times since 2000, but none of the complaints have been upheld, the newspaper reported.

He has been suspended without pay. 

One of the boys had to visit the hospital after the beatings, according to the indictment. He had a fractured nose, two black eyes and head contusions.