Army ROTC and Davidson College investigating after student's alleged pro-Nazi social media posts surface
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The U.S. Army Reserve Officer Training Corps and Davidson College say they are investigating after an ROTC cadet’s apparent social media posts showing support for Neo-Nazis surfaced.

A Twitter account called U.S Army WTF! Moments shared a series of screenshots from user @femanon_, listed as “erika,” several of which praise Adolf Hitler and right-wing or white nationalist groups.

The photos were first shared by Twitter user Carolina Workers Collective, who shared a number of other screenshots of posts, including showing that the account in question was suspended briefly for comments about Jewish people. 


Carolina Workers Collective and U.S. Army WTF! Moments shared comparison images and provided other evidence linking @femanon_ to other social media accounts belonging to Martha Gerdes, a student at Davidson College.

Army ROTC tweeted from its official account that it is looking into the posts and “will take action as appropriate.” The @femanon_ account appears to have been taken down. 

“Thank you for bringing the tweets attributed to Martha Geddes [sic] to our attention,” ROTC tweeted. “We are currently looking into this and will take action as appropriate. These message conveyed in the tweets doesn’t represent the values of Army ROTC  or the US Army.”

Davidson College tweeted that they are also looking into the situation.

“Davidson College condemns bigotry and racism as antithetical to our values and our mission,” the college tweeted. “We are aware of the information that has understandably raised concern, and the college is on it.”

The Hill has reached out to Davidson College and Davidson College ROTC for comment.