Texas state lawmaker wins reelection from jail
© Montgomery County Jail

A state lawmaker in Texas this week was reelected to his fifth term from jail, where he is serving a yearlong sentence.

State Rep. Ron Reynolds (D) received nearly 50,000 votes in his unopposed bid for reelection, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Reynolds was convicted in 2015 of five misdemeanors for using a middleman to drive business for his law firm.

The lawmaker did not have to resign his seat because the charges were misdemeanors.


Reynolds's conviction reportedly stemmed from an undercover investigation in 2012 that found a chiropractic firm influenced patients to hire Reynolds after they were hurt in accidents.

Those charges were later dropped because investigators were accused of stealing evidence in an unrelated case. But a year later, Reynolds was arrested and found guilty of being involved in a $25 million kickback scheme involving the owner of a pair of chiropractic clinics.

The State Bar of Texas suspended Reynolds's law license in 2016.