Man who raped teen as she died from overdose sentenced to less than 3 years in prison

A man in Washington state was reportedly sentenced to less than three years in prison on Thursday for raping a high school student as she died from a drug overdose and texting partially nude photos of her to his friends.

According to The Associated Press, Brian Varela, 20, was handed the 34-month prison sentence after he pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter, third-degree rape and unlawful disposal of remains in the death of Alyssa Noceda, 18. 

Varela reportedly told authorities Noceda died shortly after she snorted Percocet and consumed a concentrated form of liquid THC at a party in his home in Lynnwood in early February.


Noceda allegedly collapsed in Varela’s room shortly after taking the drugs, after which Varela proceed to take semi-nude photos of her while she was unconscious and text them to his friends.

“LOL I think she od’d, still breathing,” Varela reportedly wrote in one text, while also adding that he was having sex with her while she remained unconscious to “pass the time.”

Varela reportedly then played video games and fell asleep. He went to work the next day at Dairy Queen and one of his co-workers he told about the incident eventually notified local authorities, according to the report.

Police later reportedly discovered Noceda’s body hidden in a crate at Varela’s home.

According to the news agency, Superior Court Judge Linda Krese said in court that she could not give Varela a sentence longer than two years and 10 months because he does not have a criminal record.

However, Krese reportedly said she was “outraged” by the sentencing constraints and called on lawmakers to examine the state's sentencing guidelines. 

Varela reportedly apologized for his “foolish actions” ahead of his sentencing this week and said “whatever I get is what I deserve.”