HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher mocked supporters of President TrumpDonald John TrumpButtigieg on Mueller report: 'Politically, I'm not sure it will change much' Sarah Sanders addresses false statements detailed in Mueller report: 'A slip of the tongue' Trump to visit Japan in May to meet with Abe, new emperor MORE over the president's supposed track record on border security and other issues.

During a monologue on Friday's show, Maher joked that eventually Trump's "charm" would wear off and his supporters would begin demanding results.


"Trump fans and others, if you’re keeping score: No wall; no health-care plan that was ‘better, cheaper, covered everybody,' " Maher said. "The trade deficit? Bigger. The tax cut did not pay for itself, the debt is of course exploding. North Korea is building bombs again."

"You know, Mr. President, you can only slide so long on charm," he added.

In the monologue, the liberal comedian also sharply criticized Trump for his response to wildfires in California that have left thousands of homes and other structures destroyed as well as dozens dead or injured.

“Of course, Trump’s response — you saw that — was to blame the victims, threaten to withhold federal funds,” Maher remarked, referring to a tweet the president sent warning California officials that federal funds could be withheld if the state does not do more to prevent wildfires.

“This is what he does every time there’s a disaster. Wildfires? ‘You mismanaged your forests,' Maher continued. "Mass shooting? ‘You should’ve been armed.’ Hurricane? ‘Your island is very inconveniently located.' "

"His response to every tragedy is, ‘How can I hurt?’ He is to empathy what food courts are to ambiance," said Maher.

A longtime critic of the president, Maher donated $1 million earlier this year to a super PAC supporting Senate Democrats, who saw their ranks remain relatively unchanged despite dozens of pickups for their colleagues in the House.