Hundreds of California residents are preparing to serve Thanksgiving meals to the thousands of people displaced by the wildfires in the state.

Lincoln, Calif., resident Kris Wyatt is leading efforts for local businesses to donate turkeys, wine and pies, according to CNN. City officials have also provided space in a large pavilion for the dinner.


Wyatt told CNN that over 100 people have volunteered to donate their time to cook and serve Thanksgiving dinner to evacuees of the Camp Fire, which destroyed thousands of acres and homes.

"I'm overwhelmed by it," Wyatt said. "Everyone is offering, volunteering, doing table decorations and making signs."

Lincoln is located just over 70 miles from Paradise, Calif., which was ravaged by the fire. Wyatt said the volunteers are expecting more than 100 families from Paradise to attend.

“It hits close to home because Paradise is not that far away and our community is family. It hits all of us," Wyatt added. "We just want to bring a little bit of family to them on Thanksgiving Day."

Volunteers in Chico, Calif., about 15 miles from Paradise, are planning to serve about 2,000 evacuees on Thanksgiving, according to CNN. The Chico effort is being supported by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and World Central Kitchen, the charity run by humanitarian and celebrity chef José Andrés.

Andrés’s World Central Kitchen has served millions of people recovering from natural and other disasters, and the chef made international headlines for his relief efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

More than 80 people have been killed in the wildfires, with about 800 still missing. The fire has destroyed about 400 square miles, according to ABC News.