Disney screenwriter says term 'anti-vax' is equivalent to 'n-word' 
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An Oscar-nominated screenwriter behind Disney blockbusters like “Aladdin” and the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series is facing backlash online after using the n-word in a tweet arguing against vaccines.

Terry Rossio argued on Twitter Thursday that it was offensive to use the term “anti-vax” when referencing those against the use of vaccines.

“My heart goes out to all the parents of vaccine damaged children, who have to not only endure the sadness of their loss, but also the vitriol of ill-informed and insensitive people (such as those here),” he wrote. “Anti-Vax is equivalent to calling someone a n----r and makes as little sense.”

He was responding to a now-deleted tweet which read that anti-vaxxers “made me grind my teeth," BuzzFeed News reported.


Rossio was then questioned by Julie Benson, a writer for “The 100” television show, asking for scientific research to support Rossio’s point of view.

“Do you realize that the same collectivist stereotyping lies behind belittling any group with a label?” Rossio fired back. “Do you have no feelings for vaccine damaged kids and parents?”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that studies have found no link between vaccines and autism.

The health organization also insists that the benefits of vaccinations, such as the decline of serious diseases like polio, outweigh any risk.

A spokesperson for Rossio did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment.

The screenwriter's tweet prompted backlash online, including from the Dictionary.com official Twitter account.

“The n-word is so profoundly offensive that a euphemism has developed for those occasions when the word itself must be discussed,” the account tweeted on Friday. “The same cannot be said for the term ‘anti-vax.’”