DEA: Honduran president's brother arrested on drug trafficking, weapons charges
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The brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández was arrested Friday in Miami on drug trafficking and weapons charges, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced Monday.

Juan Antonio Hernández Alvarado, known as Tony Hernández, is accused of trafficking cocaine into the U.S. and was scheduled to appear in federal court Monday afternoon. He was also charged with lying to federal agents. 


DEA agent Raymond Donovan said in a statement that Hernández is accused of conspiring with criminal networks in Mexico and Colombia "to flood American streets with deadly drugs."

“Drug trafficking and corruption around the world threatens the rule of law, fuels violence and instability, and harms innocent families and communities,” Donovan said. "DEA looks forward to Hernandez facing American justice and answering for his alleged crimes.”

Hernández is a former congressman in Honduras. 

He is accused of importing cocaine into the U.S. from around 2004 through 2016, working with drug traffickers in Colombia, Honduras and Mexico. The DEA alleges that he was involved in "processing, receiving, transporting, and distributing multi-ton loads of cocaine."

He is also accused of arming Honduran National Police and drug traffickers with weapons, including machine guns, as part of security efforts for cocaine shipments.

Hernández faces four separate charges and up to life in prison on three of the charges.