First weed shops to open in Massachusetts report more than $2.2 million in sales in a week
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The first two commercial pot shops to open in Massachusetts earlier this month reportedly sold more than $2.2 million worth of marijuana products in their first week of operation.

The two stores, in Northampton and Leicester, sold more than 56,000 marijuana products in their first five days of business, according to figures released by the Cannabis Control Commission this week.


Both shops began operation last week and reported selling a combined $440,000 worth of cannabis on their first day. The shops also saw their busiest day on Black Friday, when they reported more than $480,000 in gross sales.

The store openings did not come without a hitch, however, as some residents in Leicester have reportedly grown frustrated by the surge in traffic the small central Massachusetts town has seen since the store opened.

According to CBS News, community leaders in the city held an emergency town meeting earlier this week to address residents’ complaints about traffic jams and other issues following the store's opening.

With the opening of the two locations, Massachusetts has become the seventh state in the country to allow marijuana to be sold in retail settings and the only state to do so in the eastern U.S.