Six middle schoolers in Florida were reportedly hospitalized Thursday after eating THC-infused gummies at school.

The gummy candies were brought by a seventh-grader who is now facing seven felony charges.

The six Mulberry Middle School students in Florida reportedly ate almost all of a 100-milligram marijuana candy in gym class, according to the Lakewood Ledger. The 100-milligram gummy makes up 10 individual doses.


The accused student, 12-year-old Leviticus Jones, reportedly brought the Green Hornet-brand gummies to school to share with his friends, Polk County sheriff Grady Judd said.

“Obviously we are concerned how a 12-year-old could come into possession of this drug, this illegal drug in the state of Florida,” Judd told the Lakewood Ledger. “And two, why did he offer it to these six kids, which quite frankly, with the exception of one little quarter left, have apparently devoured this bar during gym class?”

The children suffered stomachaches, dizziness and one of them had almost passed out, though Judd said all are expected to make a “great recovery.”

Florida legalized medical marijuana in 2016, passing an amendment to the state’s constitution. Edible products such as the gummy are not currently available from dispensaries under state medical marijuana rules.