A heartfelt note left by former President George H.W. Bush to incoming President Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonBiden needs to be both Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside Republican spin on Biden is off the mark Bill Clinton shares video update after release from hospital MORE as he handed off the presidency in 1993 went viral early Saturday morning after Bush’s death.

Bush, the 41st president, died late Friday at the age of 94. The late-night announcement of his death sparked an outpouring of remembrances on social media.


Many people shared quotes from Bush’s hand-off letter to Clinton, in which he memorably wrote: “Your success now is our country’s success. I am rooting hard for you.”

In his note, Bush discussed his respect for the office of the presidency and offered Clinton advice on handling criticism.

It came just months after Clinton defeated Bush in the heated 1992 presidential election.

Clinton honored Bush in a statement released early Saturday, saying he was “forever grateful for the friendship we formed.”

“I was struck by the kindness he showed to Chelsea, by his innate and genuine decency, and by his devotion to Barbara, his children, and their growing brood,” Clinton added.

The text of Bush’s full 1993 letter to Clinton is below:

Dear Bill,

When I walked into this office just now I felt the same sense of wonder and respect that I felt four years ago. I know you will feel that, too.

I wish you great happiness here. I never felt the loneliness some Presidents have described.

There will be very tough times, made even more difficult by criticism you may not think is fair. I’m not a very good one to give advice; but just don’t let the critics discourage you or push you off course.

You will be our President when you read this note. I wish you well. I wish your family well.

Your success now is our country’s success. I am rooting hard for you.

Good Luck – George