The former president of a Baylor University fraternity who was indicted on a sexual assault charge will get no jail time as part of a plea agreement accepted Monday.

Judge Ralph Strother accepted Jacob Walter Anderson's no contest plea as part of the agreement and was sentenced to three years of deferred probation, according to CBS affiliate KWTX

Anderson, who will also not have to register as a sex offender, was indicted in 2016 on a sexual assault charge.


The former president of Baylor's Phi Delta Theta chapter, who originally agreed to the plea deal in October, also must pay a $400 fine and seek counseling. 

Anderson was accused of raping a woman and leaving her unconscious at a party in February 2015.

She said Monday in court that she was upset with the judge's decision “to let my rapist go free,” according to KWTX.

“Jacob Walter Anderson, it must be horrible to be you," she added.

She also wrote in her victim impact statement that Anderson had stolen her virginity by raping her.

“I had saved myself for my wedding night and Jacob Anderson stole that from me!” she wrote

According to KWTX, the victim's family said in a statement that the district attorney didn't "bother even trying to get justice."

“This victim was told there was enormous amounts of evidence and a conviction was almost sure. And now two and half years later after living through hell, having the trial delayed a week before it was to occur and then never rescheduled, the DA has decided not to bother even trying to get justice,” the statement reads.