French police say they have detained as many as 85 people and arrested 46 on the fifth weekend of violent protests that have rocked Paris.

The Associated Press reports that Saturday's protests remained largely peaceful but noted that some fights broke out between French riot police and protesters, while rubber bullets and tear gas were used to disperse demonstrators.

Saturday's demonstrations appeared to be calmer than those that occurred a weekend ago, when police arrested more than 300 people by 9 a.m. due to concerns about hammers and baseball bats being wielded by protesters.


Rising policies of austerity in the country have contributed to tense feelings that boiled over in France last month after French President Emmanuel Macron attempted to implement a new fuel tax. That tax has since been rescinded by the French government, but protesters have remained in the streets calling for Macron's resignation.

"There is a rising of the people's rage and it's caused by a single reason — the government's policies that only look to take from the poor to keep for the rich," an activist told The Associated Press during last weekend's demonstrations.

This weekend about 8,000 police responded to protests in the city, buoyed by 14 armored vehicles, according to the AP. Protesters were seen smashing windows and looting stores, according to the news service.

French journalist Rokhaya Diallo told Hill.TV this week that she worries the protests will result in Macron's replacement by a right-wing government similar to that espoused by Marine Le Pen, whom Macron defeated in last year's election.

“I’m afraid he will be the reason of that, because Macron was elected because he was facing the far-right Marine Le Pen and many people voted against Marine Le Pen, against the far right and not especially in favor of Macron,” Diallo told Hill.TV. "I’m afraid that we have during the next presidential election a far-right president.”