Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) on Thursday mocked CNN for having named Claas Relotius, who admitted this week to having fabricated articles, its journalist of the year in 2014.

"About right. World's most celebrated Fake News journalist who just made crap up out of thin air, was CNN's Journalist of the Year. Karma!" Huckabee wrote in a tweet.

Relotius, a reporter and editor for the German news outlet Der Spiegel, admitted this week to making up quotes, sources and passages in several articles for the news organization since 2011.


Der Spiegel said Wednesday that it had fired Relotius, stating that the journalist "falsified his articles on a grand scale and even invented characters, deceiving both readers and his colleagues."

One of the stories included fabricating a visit to a Minnesota town, where he claimed that he had seen a "Mexicans Keep Out" sign.

CNN International in 2014 named Relotius the Journalist of the Year and Print Journalist of the Year. The news organization told The Associated Press on Thursday that it was stripping Relotius of those awards.