A goose and a gull overdosed this week after ingesting some of the hundreds of prescription pills that were discovered dumped at a park in California, wildlife officials confirmed.

In photos shared by the nonprofit Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach on Facebook this week, hundreds of pills are seen scattered near a playground in Carr Park.

In another photo shared by the center, a goose can be seen lying on its back after ingesting the pills.

“A caring citizen noticed hundreds of pills all over the grass at a park in Huntington Beach yesterday,” the center said in the post.

“He saw a goose in distress and called Animal Control. There were other birds that may have eaten some of the pills but they were able to fly away," the post continued.


The center confirmed that both birds are currently recovering from the ordeal and being treated with IV fluids, but also added that they are exhibiting symptoms, such as loss of muscle control, that it said coincides “with illness most likely caused by ingesting these medications.”

It remains unknown who left the pills at the park or when, according to CNN affiliate KCAL/KCBS.