A Washington state man unexpectedly donated nearly all of his $11 million estate to children's charities when he died of cancer this year at age 63, The Associated Press reported on Friday

The friends of Alan Naiman, who was a social worker, are preparing to celebrate the anniversary of his death in January 2019, the AP reported.


Naiman worked at the Washington Department of Social and Health Services, earning $67,234 per year. He inherited millions from his parents, one of his friends told the AP. 

He was known for his thriftiness, such as duct-taping his shoes, striking deals at the local deli as it closed, buying his clothes from the grocery store and driving beat-up cars, the news service reported. 

He was formerly a banker.

Naiman donated $2.5 million to the Pediatric Interim Care Center, an organization in the state that aids mothers with substance abuse issues – reportedly the largest donation in the center's history. It used the money to pay off its mortgage and buy a vehicle to transport children. 

He also left $900,000 to the a local foster care organization. He told Treehouse that he used to be a foster parent and used the organization's warehouse.

“The frugality that he lived through, that he committed to in his life, was for this,” Jessica Ross, Treehouse’s chief development officer, told the AP. “It’s really a gift to all of us to see that pure demonstration of philanthropy and love.”