A 14-year-old boy in Houston has been charged with murder after an egg-throwing prank resulted in the death of a driver.

The suspect and two other boys were throwing eggs at passing cars while they were driving Tuesday afternoon, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The three teens were reportedly driving away from an angered motorist who had just been hit by the thrown eggs when the car driven by the 14-year-old blew through a red light and T-boned a Ford pickup truck, killing the female driver. Police say the car was going nearly 60 mph when it ran the red light and hit the car, according to the Chronicle.


Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez told the Chronicle the woman who was killed had just finished shopping when she was hit. Two of the three teens were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries and the other suffered no injuries, he said.

The driver who chased the three boys reportedly brandished a gun while he was chasing them. Police identified him and “efforts are being made to interview him,” Gonzalez said in a Twitter post.



The driver did not stop at the scene of the deadly crash.

None of the teenagers have been identified. The 14-year-old driver is facing murder charges and is being held in a juvenile detention center, Gonzalez said.