The phrase "In God We Trust" will now appear on new license plates in Mississippi. 

The new standard license plate will also feature the state seal and the phrase "The Great Seal of the State of Mississippi," according to The Associated Press.


The news service reported that the new design began being phased in at the start of 2019. It replaced one that featured B.B. King, a legendary blues singer who was born in the state. 

Standard Mississippi license plates are replaced and redesigned every few years, the AP noted. The redesigns are part of an effort to flag people who do not pay annual renewal fees. 

Drivers receive the new standard license plate after their previous ones expire and they pay the mandated fees. 

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) announced in May 2018 that the phrase "In God We Trust" would appear on new state license plates. 

"I was proud to sign legislation in 2014 that added the United States National Motto, 'In God We Trust,' to the Mississippi State Seal," Bryant tweeted at the time. "Today, I am equally delighted to announce that it will adorn our new Mississippi license plates ... starting in January 2019."

Fox News noted that several states give residents the opportunity to get specialty license plates including the message, "In God We Trust."