A New York law that went into effect on Jan. 1 requires all buildings open to the public to include changing tables in men's restrooms. 

New York's new Uniform Building Code mandates that new or substantially renovated buildings with publicly accessible restrooms include changing tables in men's and women's restrooms, according to Fox 5.


The news outlet noted that the policy will apply to businesses such as restaurants, stores and movie theaters, as well as state facilities. According to the law, there must be at least one changing table available to men and women for each publicly accessible floor of a building. 

New York law had previously not required publicly accessible restrooms to have changing tables for babies. And when available, changing tables were disproportionately available in women's restrooms.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced in April that this policy would go into effect starting in 2019. 

“New York proudly leads the nation in fighting for the rights of working parents, and by ensuring access to these amenities, we will help ensure all New Yorkers can give their children the care they need at this critical stage of their lives,” Cuomo said at the time. "This legislation supports our efforts to make New York the nation's model for working parents, and helps make it a stronger, fairer and more equal state for all."

A press release at the time said that the policy was part of Cuomo's "2018 Women's Agenda."
Fox 5 noted that the policy also requires certain state buildings that are open to the public to be equipped with lactation rooms.
New York City already had an ordinance requiring men's restrooms to be stocked with changing tables.