An Oregon man filed a lawsuit against Burger King after his offer for “meals for life” was revoked after he used it too much.

Curtis Brooner was inside a Burger King in Wood Village, Ore., about 15 miles east of Portland, on Dec. 15 when he was accidentally locked inside a bathroom, KATU 2 reported Wednesday.


“He went to the restroom washed his hands and when he went to pull the door it wouldn’t open,” Brooner's attorney Michael Fuller said.  “They gave him a fly swatter to 'jimmy' the door open, which actually cut his hand."

Employees reportedly laughed at Brooner while he was stuck in the bathroom for an hour until a locksmith freed him, according to court documents obtained by the station.

“It wasn’t a pleasant experience for him and he spent an hour in the restaurant after just gaining his composure,” Fuller said.

The manager of the Burger King location reportedly offered to give Brooner free food for the rest of his life to “make things right." 

The restaurant began comping his meals when he came in for several weeks but the regional manager reportedly nixed the offer.

“It’s the principle, the jury is going to enjoy it. There are funny elements of the case, but there is nothing funny about being locked in a dank bathroom for an hour,” Fuller said.

Since the offer was rescinded, Brooner filed a lawsuit against the burger chain for the equivalent cost of burgers for his estimated lifespan.

They determined that Brooner’s life would last 72 years — five years deducted from the average because of his “frequency consumption of cheese burgers,” Fuller said.

The lawsuit argues that Burger King owes him money for 22 years — what would approximately be the rest of his life — worth of cheese burgers. 

A burger meal a week is $7.89 over 22 years would amount to an estimated $9,026.16, according to the station. That is how much the lawsuit is seeking. 

“I think we will reach a fair settlement. My client was presented with an offer, he accepted it and a deal was a deal,” Fuller said.

The Hill has reached out to Burger King Corporate for comment.