A twice-convicted murderer sentenced to death in Nevada reportedly killed himself in his cell Friday, months after his execution was delayed last year.

Scott Dozier, 48, was found dead in his cell in Ely State Prison in Nevada Friday evening, corrections officials told the Daily Beast. No one else was reportedly in Dozier's cell at the time of his death.


Attempts to revive the convicted killer of 22-year-old Jeremiah Miller were unsuccessful, the Daily Beast reports, citing a news release from the state's Department of Corrections.

“Responding staff made immediate notification to medical staff and attempted to provide emergency medical care until help arrived,” Nevada Department of Corrections officials reportedly said.

“Dozier was pronounced dead at approximately 4:35 p.m. by emergency medical staff at the scene," they added.

Dozier's execution was halted by a Nevada judge in July after the drug company manufacturing the chemical to be used in his execution filed a lawsuit seeking to block its use. He protested the halting of his sentence at the time, telling a Nevada newspaper that he was ready to be executed.

“Life in prison isn’t a life,” Dozier told the Las Vegas Journal-Review in 2018. “This isn’t living, man. It’s just surviving... If people say they’re going to kill me, get to it.”

The pharmaceutical company Alvogen accused state officials at the time of obtaining the drug Midazolam under false pretenses, and marked the first time a drug company was successful in temporarily halting an execution to be performed by a state.

Health-care supply company McKesson made a similar attempt to halt an execution with the use of one of its drugs in Arkansas in 2017, but was unsuccessful.