A man in Memphis, Tenn., was reportedly arrested after he allegedly yelled racial slurs at children while wielding a gun and chasing them in his vehicle.

Police in Memphis arrested Bradley Watkins outside a Family Dollar store on Saturday, according to local TV station Fox 13.


Watkins reportedly directed racist remarks toward the children inside the store before following them outside and continuing to berate the victims.

The victims told police that Watkins continued to yell racial slurs at them while getting in his car and then chased after them, according to the TV station.

Police reportedly said Watkins was holding a handgun while revving the engine and spinning the tires of his Ford Crown Victoria.

After the children split up and ran, Watkins continued to chase them while allegedly yelling, "N-----, I'll kill you."

Watkins told police he got into an argument with juveniles inside the store but did not provide additional details, according to Fox 13.

He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and is expected in court Monday, the TV station added.