Wife of furloughed federal worker wins lottery
© Virginia Lottery

The wife of a furloughed federal worker won the Virginia lottery on Friday, the same day that her husband missed his first paycheck due to the partial government shutdown.

Carrie Walls, whose husband John Walls works for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, picked up a $100,000 check and a Ford Expedition SUV on Friday, according to a release from the state lottery.

Carrie Walls’s lucky break comes as the shutdown continues into its fourth week, making it the longest funding lapse in U.S. history. She told the lottery that the win was timely given the shutdown.


Her husband is one of an estimated 800,000 federal employees who are furloughed or working without pay.

“I cried,” the 35-year-old told the Virginia lottery of the moment she learned she won the drawing. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Walls, an Air Force veteran, told the lottery that she plans to take her family to Disney World. She entered the drawing on Dec. 4, weeks before the shutdown began.