CNN's Gergen: Trump discouraging next generation from civil service
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CNN political analyst David Gergen on Tuesday said President TrumpDonald John TrumpSarah Huckabee Sanders becomes Fox News contributor The US-Iranian scuffle over a ship is a sideshow to events in the Gulf South Korea: US, North Korea to resume nuclear talks 'soon' MORE is discouraging the next generation of workers from joining the civil service as the federal government continues to remain in a partial shut down.

Gergen said on CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper" that Trump "has shown zero interest" in the welfare of the federal employees who are currently not being paid because of the shutdown.


"He is going to discourage so many people in the next generation from ever going to work in Washington or work as a civil servant," Gergen said. "Why in the hell should you work in this craziness? It makes no sense.”

Gergen also called on the White House to "get serious" about finding a way to reopen the government, which entered its 25th day of a partial shutdown on Tuesday. 

“I think the White House ought to get serious and have a sense of urgency about ending the shutdown," Gergen said.

Trump has refused to sign a bill to fund the government that doesn't include $5.7 billion in funding for a wall along the southern border. 

Democrats have vowed not to approve any funding for a wall. 

Earlier Tuesday, Trump on Twitter shared an op-ed in The Daily Caller in which the writer, claiming to be an anonymous senior official of the Trump administration, expresses hope that the shutdown "lasts a very long time" and that many furloughed employees never return to their jobs.

Trump brought attention to the op-ed by retweeting his son, Donald Trump, Jr., who first tweeted out the article and said it was "worth the read."