Indiana high school investigating photo of students apparently doing Nazi salute

Officials at a high school in Indiana are investigating a picture posted on Instagram in which students appear to be giving a Nazi salute.

In the photo, 10 of the 14 pictured individuals appear to be doing the Nazi salute in the halls of the Zionsville Community High School with all but one of them are wearing matching soccer uniforms, Indianapolis Star reported.

The photo prompted Zionsville Superintendent Scott Robinson to send an email to all parents, staff and faculty Thursday night, calling the photo was “sickening.”


“The photograph is sickening to me. It is, of course, beyond offensive to students, staff, parents, extended family members and to an inestimable number of people in the wider world where it will forever reside because of social media’s ubiquity,” Robinson wrote, according to the Indy Star. “The image simultaneously misrepresents and damages the school community where thoughtful and principled citizens abound.”

The photo was first reported by a concerned student who sent it to a teacher, Robinson said.

"Our school community’s efforts to foster cultural understanding will proceed, though they are set back mightily by this repugnant image," Robison wrote in the email. 

Local outlet Fox 59 reported the caption of the Instagram post read, "Rumblin bumblers isn’t just a indoor soccer team, we are a cultural phenomenon,” referring to the soccer jerseys worn in the photo.

The Indianapolis Star reports the website for the soccer team was taken down Friday morning.

State Sen. J.D. Ford (D) responded to the photo in a Facebook post, saying that "hateful behavior is not tolerated in Indiana."

Zionsville Community High School nor the school district immediately responded to request for comment from The Hill.